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Health, Safety and Environmental Stewardship

Walter is unconditionally committed to the health and safety of the public, its employees, service providers and the environment.  While the company believes it benefits by investing aggressively in the health and safety of all those affected by its operations, more importantly, it reflects the values of its family ownership. Every corporate relationship, whether with an employee, service provider, stake holder or the community at large, is modeled on genuine and neighborly care, compassion and respect.

Safety and Environmental Management System (“SEMS”)

To attain the company’s safety and environmental objectives, all offshore work is performed utilizing Walter Oil & Gas Corporation’s Safety and Environmental System. The company’s SEMS plan was developed in accordance with best industry practices and in compliance with all current regulation. The plan integrates the HSE management systems of our principal contractors while maintaining a leadership role by the company’s operations team. The company’s principal contractors are selected only after a review of their management systems and operational performance.  This approach to safety and environmental management provides operational consistency among the company’s principal contractors and reduces operating risk to our personnel and the environment.