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Onshore success, conventional and unconventional.

Walter returned to onshore exploration in 1997 to diversify its offshore asset concentration, and to deploy its now seasoned exploration and exploitation organization on dry land. The company has been involved in the discovery and development of fields from geo-pressured sands along the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coasts, including the Yegua Sands in Airport Field, one of the largest conventional discoveries in the region for many years. Success has resulted from a combination of seismic AVO technology and the integration of new and existing 3D seismic data.

Walter utilizes the latest drilling and completion technology to make operations simpler, safer and more cost effective. Walter employees are extensively trained and capable of operating high-temperature, high-pressure wells. In addition to conventional projects, Walter has had experience as operator and non-operator in numerous unconventional Woodford Shale projects in southern Oklahoma, along with unconventional resource plays in East Texas and Louisiana.