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A family-owned business with an extended family.

The “can do” spirit is pervasive among Walter’s businesses and their employees, with the Walter family leading by example. The family’s entrepreneurial spirit is contagious, with a long list of employees from past enterprises proceeding to create their own businesses. Further, our employees often are given the opportunity to co-invest with the company, creating a healthy atmosphere of economic alignment.

Generosity and integrity are hallmarks of the Walter family, both in the conduct of business and through their significant contributions to the community. As such, it should be of no surprise that employee tenure is unusually long, and that employee reunions continue to gather decades following a given business’s exit. That translates to stability in an often-volatile industry.

The Walter family’s various enterprises have created a large number of jobs and wealth, enabling many people to share in the company’s good fortune. Enriching people’s lives is not merely a by-product of the company’s activities- it is one of its goals.

While the family is proud of its rich heritage and long list of accomplishments, businesses and affairs are always conducted in a humble and down-to-earth, friendly manner.