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More than just an oil and gas company.

Consistent with the family’s entrepreneurial traditions, the organization has created and funded numerous enterprises across the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors, including Superior Natural Gas, an affiliated natural gas marketing company, Vision Resources, a crude oil marketer, Walter Power, an electricity generating company, and Walter International, Inc., Walter Oil & Gas International, LLC, and Walter UK, all international exploration companies. The organization’s business interests have extended to numerous non-energy related enterprises as well, including farming and ranching, residential, commercial and industrial land development, and commercial office holdings. 

The long practiced discipline of investing in a broad set of asset classes has enabled the company to withstand the inherent rhythms of the commodity markets, the energy industry and the broader economy. Regardless of asset class, favorable investment opportunities include easy to understand, repeatable and durable business models, with a risk and return profile supportive of long-term wealth creation.