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About Us

Walter Oil & Gas Corporation (Walter) was founded in 1981 by Joe Walter, a man with a lifelong passion and talent for oil and gas exploration. Since 1989, the company has been led by Rusty Walter, Joe’s son who is widely recognized for having built one of the most admired and respected privately-owned exploration and production companies. Both father and son instilled in the company an entrepreneurial culture based on responsibility, common sense, and love of the hunt for oil and gas.

Walter’s primary focus is drilling exploratory wells in the offshore Gulf of Mexico, where the company has drilled over 530 wells since 1983. With over a 34-year record of achievement, Walter is a proven oil finder and operator. Regarded as an industry leader in subsea completion and development technology, the company has developed over 96 subsea projects. Ever adapting to new opportunities and technologies, operations have been expanded onshore and into emerging unconventional resource plays.

In the business of taking exploration risk, Walter has developed extensive in-house geoscience and engineering expertise able to swiftly evaluate the technical merits of an opportunity. With its substantial financial resources and efficient management process, Walter is able to act decisively to capture those opportunities.

Integrity and mutual respect define all Walter relationships, whether with employees, land and mineral owners, regulatory agencies, oil field service companies, or working interest partners. The Company’s emphasis in the success and fair treatment of all stakeholders has made it a highly preferred partner.